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We craft strategic nutrition messages and develop products and menus to meet the needs of health-conscious consumers who want great tasting food.

In an era defined by the emergence of complex nutrition and health issues, Culinary Nutrition Associates provides a powerful synergy of consulting expertise. Our team of food and nutrition experts can help your company develop a strategic vision in culinary nutrition. And we'll work closely with you to identify and respond to new opportunities that bring your vision to life.

From spotting next year's food trends to interpreting the latest nutrition research, Culinary Nutrition Associates will work with you today to increase your sales and ensure your company garners the recognition it deserves for providing healthful food choices.

Culinary Nutrition Associates combines the art of choosing flavorful ingredients and optimal cooking techniques with the science of nutrition. The result is good-looking, great-tasting food with a healthful profile. Put our expertise and demonstrated passion for creating healthful, quality foods and menus to work for your company. We can help you with: